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You have your wish list. Places you’ve dreamed of going your entire life.  Then there are the experiences you haven’t even imagined yet. We will help you get there




We love to travel as much as you do. Consider our
expert travel staff your personal guides for your oncein- 
a-lifetime experience.


Our Boeing 757s are customized for every journey, seating up to 78 guests. We set our schedules and fly direct so you can make the most of every destination. Your highly personalized private jet journey includes:

  • Schedules that fly direct and land close to our destinations with expedited service through airport security whenever possible.
  • Seating for up to 78 guests in two-by-two, business-class leather seats so you can relax in comfort and style.
  • iPads loaded with itineraries and other helpful trip-related information.
  • Bose noise-cancelling headphones.
  • In-flight presentations from our seasoned experts.
  • VIP luggage service. Our staff takes care of your bags throughout the entire journey.



Our guests rest and recharge in some of the world’s most outstanding properties, each reflecting that destination’s local culture and design.